Christian Louboutin Rouge Polish Red Sole Inspired Shoes

Ever wanted to know where Christian Louboutin got the idea for his infamous Red Soles?


Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.33.31 AM

This is the very considered tale of Christian Louboutin returning to his roots. 20 years ago, disappointed when his pop art-inspired shoe design was prototyped, he took a nail polish from the hands of his assistant and decided to bring it to life by painting the sole red. Little did he know he had created an icon.

So now he has created a Nail Polish inspired by the Shoe he was inspired to make by the nail polish.  Ok ladies that’s nothing short of Brilliance.  His Louboutin Beauty Launched this week in the Sole color Rouge and later to include more shades.

To complement the introduction of his Beauty Line there is no surprise to find these lovely lady fingers on a few shoe designs. One being a Clean Sleek “So Kate” Heal and the Lou Spikes Women Flat High Top Sneakers.   Let the fabulous Nail Games Begin. I’m betting on Christian Louboutin for the winner of every round.  Xx <3


Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.11.29 PM

Christian Louboutin Lou Spike Flat High Top Sneaker with Nails


If you could only have one Bag I Pick Brahmin Louise Rose Satchel

Brahmin Louise Rose Satchel


Brahmin Louise Rose Satchel Bag

Ok Im reading online where you are only allowed by law to have ONE Handbag. Just one and only one. OMG is this really a law? No but lets pretend for just a minute shall we.  Do not panic. Do not freak out. Do not start grabbing your favorites and sticking them under the floor boards in your room.  This is only a game so RELAX LADIES.

If I were only allowed to have one bag by this new fictitious law I created… What would I choose?  Well it must be large enough to hold my Mini Ipad.  It must be big enough to hold my wallet, Iphone, Lipstick, Nailpolish, Sunglasses Case, small bag of almonds, Keys,  water bottle, multiple shopping receipts, a sweater, and a spare dog leash for my doggie Ace.  There that should do it right?  Well one more thing… It must be gorgeous and be able to go with most anything. Jeans, shorts, or a dress. And just as easily pare down to my often easy look Velour Sweats.

So I have my bag picked out. I’ll take the Brahmin Louise Rose Satchel Please.  Yep thats my pick. Now the problem which Color? Not so easy to decide so I’ll just do what you all were doing and stash a few colors under the floor boards in my house. Shhhhhhhhh Dont tell the Bag police who made up this stupid law.

Xx <3

Christian Louboutin Beauty Rouge

Christian Louboutin Beauty Rouge Nail Polish revealed.

“The Red Sole was born from red nail polish. I am giving back to nails what the shoe took from the nails many years ago.”


Christian Louloutin Rouge Nail polish

Loved this so much I had to grab as my Beauty Pick of the Day for your Lovely lady fingers. Chrstian Louboutin Rouge @LouboutinWorld  has given me this gift.  I covet the Louboutin Heal with its red sole flirting with me and calling me by name to come into the Light of Beauty.  But I don’t dare climb aboard the super tall break my ankle lovelies.  And then you came along…. yes a gorgeous answer to my Christian Louboutin fascination.  NAILS Yes oh yes I can do nails with out falling.  Thank you so much for being fabulous just for me.  Xx <3

Macy Kate Rising Star Red Jacket

Macy Kate fashion shout out

Macy Kate Rising star and her Cool Red Zip Jacket from Betsy Johnson

Love her look and in love with this Betsey Johnson Acid washed printed Zip Jacket.

And yes you guessed it this Gorgeous Jacket came from us here at SunnyBeachCouture

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.25.23 AM

 Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.50.40 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.51.07 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.22.42 AM

Hey guys we wanted to show you the newest look for Macy Kate.   Im Styling Macy Kate and take a look at what shes looking great in this time. On her recent video Beauty Blog she was wearing our Betsey Johnson Red Acid Washed print Lycra Zip Jacket. Amazing right?  You can also see this jacket this week on Rising Star on ABC.  Macy Kate is singing in the Duels and some of the clips they show has filmed of her will show her in this jacket.  So down load the Rising Star App.. Vote more Macy Kate and check out her newest Beauty Vlog on Youtube.

Come see us for more like this Betsey Johnson Jacket




Check out all Macy Kates Videos at


Macy Kate Twitter

Top Fashion Bloggers to follow on Twitter

Who are the top Fashion Bloggers to follow on Twitter


 Ever wonder who is the WHO to Follow on Twitter? Well here are the
top 10 of whos who in Fashion Blogging and most likely will get your

1) Derek Blasberg @derekblasberg




2) Cathy Horyn @cathyHorynNY

  3) Alexa Chung @alexa_chung

4)Man Repeller @manrepeller  

Love blogger style and not just because of the name Man Repeller  5) Tim Gunn @TimGunn

Because we know how to WORK PEOPLE


6) Andre Leon Talley @officialALT
Of Course he’s on the list.  Once at Vogue and left to have more creative control


7) Go Fug Yourself @fuggirl

And you all know why?

8)Rachel Zoe @RachelZoe  
Because shes On another Level
Bryan Boy @bryanboy
Because we love his style

10) Coco Rocha @cocorocha


I know there are so many more but this is who we follow the most. Look for us to add to this list.

Enjoy all your fabulous Fashion Advice.  Xx <3

Macy Kate in Video “Still I fly” from Disney Fire and Rescue Movie in Betsey Johnson Jacket

Macy Kate in Video “Still I fly” from Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Movie

Look How amazing she looks in the Betsey Johnson Black Jacket



Macy Kate in Betsey Johnson Jacket on the Set of Video Still I fly
Macy Kate in Betsey Johnson Jacket on the Set of Video Still I fly

 Miss Macy Kate’s Star is still rising fast (ABC’s Rising Star Contestant) and this time its in a galaxy with Disney.  Just released is the Video for “Still I Fly” for the soon to be released Disney Animated Movie “Planes Fire and Rescue”.   This amazing talent who not only can sing like no bodies business also has great style.  Black on Black is her thang and this time it’s another Great Look with a
Betsey Johnson Peplum Jacket red Shirt and Black Mini Mouse Bow. Adorable yes yes yes.

Macy has collaborated on this video with  Youtube fame Producer Kurt Hugo Schneider 
Also subscribe to her youtube channel for more great videos at Macy Kate Music  

Where will she be flying next?  Buzz Lightyear Said it best in Toy Story ….

 To the moon and Back.

Here is Macy Kate from Rising Star in another great Look. This time a Black Corset Lace up Betsey Johnson Jacket

Find this here

Macy kate Rising Stars Wears Betsey Johnson Black Jacket

Macy kate Rising Stars Wears Betsey Johnson Black Jacket

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Macy Kate black Jacket Rising Star

Macy Kate on Rising Star wearing Black Betsey Johnson Jacket

Macy Kate Took the World By Storm On the New Hit Show Rising Star on ABC this summer and sung Me and My Broken Heart by Rixton.

Not only is she an amazing artist she also has amazing style as seen in this Betsey Johnson Corset Lace up Black Jacket.

Macy Kate,  preformed with the first group and scored the highest of the season so far with a huge 93% and earned her a spot on the show for the dueling round to start next week.

The initial round of contestants have been selected so we can not wait to see what she sings and wears on the show which airs on ABC Sundays at 9pm eastern.

Until then here is where  you can get your Gorgeous Black Jacket

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