Betsey Johnson Dances on Dancing with the Stars DWTS Runway Style

Betsey Johnson Dances on Dancing with the Stars DWTS Runway Style

Betsey Johnson stars on Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with Stars wont know what hit them Betsey Johnson with Tony Dovolani

Its going to Be a Grand September for Betsey Johnson Fans.  MBFW NYFW and Betsey Johnson’s Runway Show will Walk Sept 11,2014 at 3 PM Eastern time. Then redeye flight straight to DWTS practice for Betsey and Tony for the premier show Sept 15 9pm Eastern on ABC.  Wow thats a crazy schedule for anyone.  We love you Betsey and will be voting for you to win that mirror ball trophie. Beware other contestants remember Betsey started out as a dancer and can still throw a mean cartwheel.

PS Guess who is flying out for the premier?  Yes this girl is.  See you there Xx

Betsey Johnson is having a Vintage yardsale and Selling her stuff to Us

Look out Betsey Johnson is selling some of her vintage clothing along with furniture and artwork this weekend at her South Hampton home in what is sure to be a one of a kind Amazing Yard Sale and we are invited.


I've been in the Hampton's🐓 for years! Lots of artists and designers moved out east for inspiration🙏 and peace✌️Xox💋💋

I’ve been in the Hampton’s🐓 for years! Lots of artists and designers moved out east for inspiration🙏 and peace✌️Xox💋💋

If you think you know how to market your business I bet you can still take some tips from the master herself. She is a super hero when it comes to Branding and Brand Loyalty. This Lady is totally on another level.  Nothing and I mean nothing can steal even a pinch of that creative energy and life from her.  When Betsey Johnson was born…. and they were were handing out artistic energy she definitely got a whole bunch of extra from the bucket poured all over her.  This Yard sale is Brilliant I mean knock me down and run right over me Brilliant. Not only is she getting rid of some super amazing collector pieces but she is inviting us to her home.  Who even thinks to do that. I mean Who EVEN THINKS OF THIS STUFF? Not sure if anyone has realized this comes right before NYFW have they?  I bet not and yes we are all talking about her and its not even Fashion week yet.

I also see she has selected a few pieces that will be offered online at a later date for her virtual online yardsale.  No date has been announced at this time.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.07.39 PM

I went through the racks & picked tons of amazing vintage Betsey for an online Betsey Central Yardale! Soon! Xox💋💋

Dont ever count this Fashion Icon out.

A few years ago this lady of Royal Following filed chapter 11 and closed all her retail stores and outlets. She looked as if this was going to end the nearly 3 decades of reign as queen of all things fun and fabulous. But oh no she then collaborated with Steve Madden Company to be the front and creative force behind her new and smarter price point dresses, Shoes, handbags and Jewelry.

She focused on Brand development and online website sales along with continuing her relationship with major department stores like Dillards and Macys.  From what I can tell she did not skip a beat with her continued Design stopping attention and creativeness ooozzing out of everything she touches  She really did take the best of what she does and exploded back into our hearts.

I was recently in Macys and could not help but stop at the Jewelry Counter and ask the Sales lady to show me almost every single Necklace they had of Betsey’s. Huge Blingy and most fabulous I had to buy a few. Like I really needed one more Betsey anything. I mean I have a warehouse storage full of it. But I could not stop myself. I even went back the next week and AUGH bought another one. So Im thinking there is nothing that can stop her NOT A THING. Not even Bankruptcy.  Which is God and the Universes Gift to all of us.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.54.00 PM

HUGE Betsey Johnson Blue Crab necklace. Did I mention HUGE. Saw this at Macys this weekend and had to take a pic. He’s on another level! Happy Tuesday divas Xx <3 #fashion #fashionista #shopping

Ok back to our Yardsale story please… FOCUS. Hard to do when talking about the Queen.

So this weekend get your cash ready and head to South Hampton if you can and pick yourself up something amazing. Unfortunate for me Im headed to LA for the week on Fashion Business and I am gong to miss this once in a life time thing. PS Im hoping she got my messages to hold back one of those amazing Colorful Faux Fur Runway coats just for me Xx (wink)


Oh one more thing did I mention she is a Breast Cancer Survivor since 2002 and is donating 5 percent of sales to the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.

Also If you go, and happen to see Betsey, wish her a happy birthday. She turns 72 on Sunday.


Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.31.02 PM

Look out for some of my original artwork as well! I’ve been sketching 🎨✒️since the beginning! Xox💋💋


Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.32.55 PM

I’m throwing a major garage sale in my East Hampton backyard! Decades of my favorite designs! Come over & play! Xox💋💋

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.34.26 PMScreen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.35.55 PM

Thank you Betsey Johnson for all these wonderful photos which I borrowed off your Twitter feed.

Hope to see you many many many times again in the years to come and meet up with you for another photo op Xx <3


Eat Cake For Breakfast Kate Spade said we could

I eat Fashion for Breakfast  and now Kate Spade had given us all permission to eat CAKE Too

Kate Spade Eat Cake For Breakfast


I think this may be the best way to get your self out of bed in the morning. Coffee… or for me an Iced latte can be my first thought in the morning and a perfect excuse to get up and moving.  Next might be CAKE.  Now Kate Spade has given me the best reason #2.  This adorable and made just for me in Pink…. EAT CAKE FOR BREAKFAST Cup. You can still get this one from either Macys online or Bloomingdales. Sold out at Kate Spade and I can not believe I found them still in stock. Check out and  And Eat your self some cake and drink from this super cute mug while they last for $20.  💋💛💗

Christian Louboutin Rouge Polish Red Sole Inspired Shoes

Ever wanted to know where Christian Louboutin got the idea for his infamous Red Soles?


Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.33.31 AM

This is the very considered tale of Christian Louboutin returning to his roots. 20 years ago, disappointed when his pop art-inspired shoe design was prototyped, he took a nail polish from the hands of his assistant and decided to bring it to life by painting the sole red. Little did he know he had created an icon.

So now he has created a Nail Polish inspired by the Shoe he was inspired to make by the nail polish.  Ok ladies that’s nothing short of Brilliance.  His Louboutin Beauty Launched this week in the Sole color Rouge and later to include more shades.

To complement the introduction of his Beauty Line there is no surprise to find these lovely lady fingers on a few shoe designs. One being a Clean Sleek “So Kate” Heal and the Lou Spikes Women Flat High Top Sneakers.   Let the fabulous Nail Games Begin. I’m betting on Christian Louboutin for the winner of every round.  Xx <3


Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.11.29 PM

Christian Louboutin Lou Spike Flat High Top Sneaker with Nails


If you could only have one Bag I Pick Brahmin Louise Rose Satchel

Brahmin Louise Rose Satchel


Brahmin Louise Rose Satchel Bag

Ok Im reading online where you are only allowed by law to have ONE Handbag. Just one and only one. OMG is this really a law? No but lets pretend for just a minute shall we.  Do not panic. Do not freak out. Do not start grabbing your favorites and sticking them under the floor boards in your room.  This is only a game so RELAX LADIES.

If I were only allowed to have one bag by this new fictitious law I created… What would I choose?  Well it must be large enough to hold my Mini Ipad.  It must be big enough to hold my wallet, Iphone, Lipstick, Nailpolish, Sunglasses Case, small bag of almonds, Keys,  water bottle, multiple shopping receipts, a sweater, and a spare dog leash for my doggie Ace.  There that should do it right?  Well one more thing… It must be gorgeous and be able to go with most anything. Jeans, shorts, or a dress. And just as easily pare down to my often easy look Velour Sweats.

So I have my bag picked out. I’ll take the Brahmin Louise Rose Satchel Please.  Yep thats my pick. Now the problem which Color? Not so easy to decide so I’ll just do what you all were doing and stash a few colors under the floor boards in my house. Shhhhhhhhh Dont tell the Bag police who made up this stupid law.

Xx <3